The aims of the FFII WIPO work group are

  1. Organizing documentation on the following topics:
    1. Case for emerging countries: Explain the harm that patent (in general) enforcement produces to the economies of emerging countries. Enumerate and comment the arguments, the studies, and media articles pointing in that direction.
    2. Case against software and business methods patents: Organize the arguments on the harmfulness of software patents for the economy in general (not only for emerging countries).
    3. Illustrate the importance of software and business methods patents for the economic development: Emerging countries have a long experience of dealing with the harmfulness of drug patents. The importance of software and business methods patents is less evident and has been less discussed.
    4. WIPO: Explain the functioning of WIPO and its relavance in the geopolitical forces of petent enforcement.
    5. Treaties: Analyse what treaties say about patents, in particular TRIPS.
  2. Proposing actions:
    1. Find out how can diplomatic bodies of emerging countries, FFII and other NGOs can work together.
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