To Do

Items to develop

  • Arguments against software patents
  • Analogy patents - liberalisation of financial markets
  • How WIPO works
  • Comparison with farmaceutical patents
  • Patents, globalization and competition
  • Patent bubble
  • Patents can never be good for developing countries
  • Possible implications of Bilski case
  • Issues on defining what is software
  • List of absurd software patents
  • Why national diplomatic bodies still don't pay enough attention to other patents besides pharmaceutical patents
  • Social trap

Sources of information

Keep substantive patent law harmonisation away from Free Trade Agreements

Links to internal draft pages

patents and geopolitics
patents in general

New discussion

  • For Marko:
    • translate the comments into English
    • reorganise pages
    • send news to the list
    • find a way to make a RSS feed and link it to the list
  • For Kars
    • build pages of the development agent
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